Fabrication the VRM's guide vane using wear plate

As a wear plate producer in Vietnam, Bao Chi Corp has a big advantage to do the fabrication job based on wear plate where we can optimize cost in order to have more competitve.
In July 2015, Bao Chi Corp (BCC) has delivered the product to Nghi Son Cement (NSCC) which is a Japanses Cement Producer in Vietnam. NSCC is one of the best Cement Producer in Vietnam. Their product are using in most of important projects in Vietnam. They also is one of best company who are applying management process to control the production cost by using the cost-effective products.
BCC is prouded to become the supplier of NSCC to bring our best products in order to be a part of their production management.
Job Details:
·         Industry: Cement
·         Equipment: Vertical Roller Mill
·         Part: Guide Vane
·         Product: D-Plate 100
Some typical photos: